Request for Proposal (RFP) for hiring of an architectural consultant for providing professional services including architectural, engineering, interior design and project management for the Comprehensive Interiors of GOI owned property of Embassy of India Request for Proposal (RFP) for hiring of an architectural consultant for providing professional services including architectural, engineering, interior design and project management for the Comprehensive Interiors of GOI owned property of Embassy of India

RFP for hiring of an architectural consultant for providing professional services including architectural, engineering, interior design and project management for the Comprehensive Interiors of GOI owned property of Embassy of India, Washington DC

'The Embassy of India, Washington DC, invites design proposals from the Competent and Qualified (as per the conditions of eligibility mentioned in this RFP) Architectural firms for Interior designing and renovations of an existing property to be used as office for the Embassy of India, Washington DC located at 1438, U Street NW, Washington DC 20009. The design proposal should contain Vision statement, rationale for space planning for various offices of the Embassy of India, Washington as mentioned at S. No. 2.0 b) of this RFP. The Design Concept should also detail out all space requirements and elaborated the same through visual sketches, plans, elevations & sections. The design concept may also indicate spaces / wall surfaces for showcasing Indianness in reception as well as other public related offices in the design and should also cater to all structural requirements and feasibility aspect of the design with all necessary compliance of all statutory authorities.'

This existing building has about 5500 square feet (sqft) over each of the two floors, with a small cellar, taking the total footage to about 12000 sqft. The building has heritage facade but character of the interiors shall have to be modern, sophisticated and in consonance with the requirements of the Mission.

The proposals (bids) should be in two parts: (i) the technical bid, which should contain the concept design of the proposal and other documents required as per the terms & conditions of this RFP; and (ii) the financial bid (Offer of Fee), which should be as per the format given in para 4 below. Please note that the Offer of Fee (strictly in a sealed envelop) must quote a price for each of the three stages, as described in Para 3. The amounts must be expressed in US dollars, and not in terms of percentage of project costing.

The applicants, upon request will be provided access to the CAD files of the drawings of the existing condition of the property.

1.0 Condition of Eligibility

The Firms fulfilling the following conditions may submit their proposals along with all relevant documentary proof;

  • Bidder must be an established architectural consultant firms, registered with local authorities/professional bodies, who are authorized for taking up such consultancy works.
  • Bidder must have experience in having successfully executed Interior designing projects comprising of repair/renovation work of at least one contract worth USD 2.0 million or two contracts worth USD 1.5 million each or three contracts worth 1.0 million each, in the last two years prior to September 2014, including putting together and coordinating a multi-disciplinary project team. The works in the executed contract should include, but not be limited to, several disciplines: Interiors, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, fire suppression, communications, security, custom fabrications, historic preservation / restoration etc.
  • The bidder should show relevant experience in dealing with: (i) Adaptive re-use of historic buildings (ii) Working on institutional projects, (iii) Design of interiors (iv) Masonry restoration (v) Meeting tight schedules and budgets (vi) Experience in successfully managing the permissions and meeting regulatory process for projects being located in Historic District. Proof of meeting tight time schedules and budgets would need to be furnished for at least two projects executed in the last 5 years.
  • Having minimum turnover of USD 1.0 million in consultancy/engineering services in each of the last three years ending in 2014. This should be supported by audited balance sheets and profit and loss accounts duly certified by a Chartered Accountant.
  • The bidder should have sufficient number of Technical and Administrative Employees for rendering the design and consultancy services. The bidder should submit a list of these employees with details of their technical qualification and experience stating clearly how these would be involved in this work.
  • Additional information pertaining to execution of projects in association, if required, with other technical firms / professionals, commitment regarding adherence to professional Code of Ethics and as per proposed work schedule for the project may also be submitted along with the application.

2.0 Scope of Work

The Consultant would be responsible for the following requirements (indicative only) and the Consultant, in consultation with Embassy could add/delete/alter these requirements after discussion with the Mission and in conformity with the local regulation;

  • Designing the Interior layout plans as per Mission's space requirements showing exhibition hall, rooms for officers, and space for office staff indicated with full / half Internal partitions, internal doors, lighting, Air-conditioning / ventilation, electrical & communications network, pantry/bathroom plumbing etc. as necessary in consultation with the Embassy. The layout should generally contain; Reception area, exhibition space/ hall, office spaces for Commercial wing, Consular wing, Community affairs, Indian Space Research Organization, and Audit Wing presently located in the Chancery Annex building at 2536 Massachusetts Avenue NW along with provision of meeting room facility. The Toilet facilities may also be designed and provided as per local regulations with provision for separate ladies' wash rooms.
  • The furniture layout showing office space requirements of each wing as per the para 2.0 a) above.
  • Identifying the equipment needed for efficient functioning of the office including elevator, heating/cooling plants, Communications network, Acoustic requirements in case of thin non-load bearing partitions between the offices etc.
  • Obtaining necessary approvals from the local authorities, and certificates of compliance as required under local laws for operationalizing the building as office premise.
  • Identifying, and finalizing with the Embassy, Electrical and communication cabling including internal distribution, internet cabling, heating/cooling systems and its vents inside the building in accordance with the local regulations that would apply to Office as Extension of the Embassy of India, Washington including Security requirements, fire fighting system etc.
  • Once the plans are approved, the Consultant shall prepare the tender documents that are required to execute the approved design and shall be put in the public domain for inviting construction firms for execution of the Interior works as well as restorations of facade of the project in a comprehensive manner. Sealed tenders shall be invited in two parts i.e. Technical and Financial. The Consultant will assist in evaluation of the technical part only. After appointment of a Contractor to carry out the renovation, structural stabilization and interior decoration works, the Consultant will act as Construction Administrator with an objective that the works are carried out in a timely manner based on the scope defined and the approved design. The draft tender templates of the Ministry shall be provided to the Consultant for this purpose.
  • Assisting the Embassy in setting up a fully functional Offices premise in all respect, in other relevant areas beyond the scope mentioned above, but pertaining to the renovation, structural stabilization and interiors in all respect.

3.0 Stages of consultancy work

Stage 1 - Design

The Successful Consultant whose design is selected through the selection process by the Embassy shall satisfy all the feasibility requirements of the design, structural stabilization of the existing building and finalize a comprehensive Interior design proposal in consultation with the Mission and prepare set of drawings explaining the design proposal keeping in mind the space requirements as defined in the RFP, being old heritage building, and prepare preliminary design / drawings and submit cost estimates.

Stage 2 - Statutory Approval

The Consultant shall seek and obtain all statutory approvals required to be obtained for commencement of construction to carry out the agreed upon renovation, structural stabilization and interior design works. The Consultant shall make all/any modifications in the drawings and plans as per statutory requirement.

Stage 3 - Construction

After completion of Stage 2, the Embassy shall invite quotations for carrying out the renovation, structural stabilization and interior works. This will be done through an open tender. The Consultant shall be involved in technical drafting of the tender document and technical evaluation of the quotations received. After award of the contract by the Embassy, the Consultant shall be responsible for overseeing the project as per agreed upon scope and approved design of renovation, structural stabilization and complete interior works.

4.0 Payment Modalities

While the Offer of Fee is to be provided as a three-staged figure, the actual payment of fees shall be arranged to be made as per a schedule of agreed project milestones in more than three phases as mentioned in the Schedule of payment. The fee being quoted for each of these stages should include all the necessary services of different consultants including, but not limited to, Structural Engineer/Mechanical Engineer/Electrical Engineer/Life & Security, fire Safety Officers etc., that Consultant will require for completion of the project. The Offer of Fee should be made in the following format:

Table - 1 Stages of work & Fee quoted for each stage

Project Stage

Proposed Fee (In US dollars)

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3







Note: Although the total fee shall be considered while comparing the fee quoted by each participating firms, the fee quoted for each stage may be considered as Stage-1 as 30%, Stage-2 as 10%, Stage-3 as 60%.

The payment to the Architect-consultant on the Consultancy Fee shall be made as per the following stage-wise schedule of payment after the approval of work at each stage by the Competent authority.

Table - 2 Payment Schedule

S. No.

Services Description at each stage

Fee paid at each stage
(in %)



Pre-construction Stages




Draft Design




Basic Design




Detailed Design / Construction Permit




Project Detailing




Assistance With Awarding Contracts (act)




TOTAL (paid till Pre-construction stages)




Assistance During Practical Completion




On certified completion of 25% of work




On certified completion of 50% of work




On certified completion of 75% of work




On certified completion of 100% of work
(with finalisation of all accounts, complete drawings and obtaining complete certifications from local bodies etc.)




Assistance for reception of works




TOTAL (during Construction Stages)



As per prevailing US laws, 10% of the of the fee shall be held back on completion of the project as Performance Security. Out of this 10%, 50% shall be released after one month of completion of project and remaining 50% after one year of completion of the project. Each phase will only start after the approval for the preceding phase is issued by the Mission.

5.0 Additions and Alterations

  • The Embassy shall have the right to request changes, additions modifications or deletions in the design and drawing of any part of the work and to request additional work in connection therewith and the Consultant shall comply with such request.
  • The Consultant shall not make any material deviations, alterations, additions to or omissions from the work shown and described in the Contract document except for structural safety and emergencies, without first obtaining the consent of the Embassy.

6.0 Time Schedule

The work shall be carried out by the Consultant with due expedition and in accordance with the time schedule. The time schedule so agreed upon shall be observed by the Consultant and shall be deemed to be the essence of the contract on the part of the Consultant.

7.0 Compensation for Delay/Liquidated Damages

In the event of failure of the Consultant to complete the assigned work within the stipulated time period and in case the work is delayed and the delay is attributed to the Consultant, the Consultant will pay to the employer the delay damage @ 0.5 percent of the consultancy fees of work for delay per week subject to maximum of 10 percent of the total consultancy charges.

8.0 Abandonment of Work

If the Consultant abandons the work for any reasons whatsoever or becomes incapacitated from acting as Consultant, the Embassy may make full use of all or any of the drawings prepared by the Consultant. The Consultant shall be credited with all fees and expenses logically and reasonably payable up to the date of abandonment. In case of wilful abandonment of the project by the Consultant, the Embassy shall have the right to withhold all consultancy and management fees and claim damage flowing from such abandonment equitably assessed by the Embassy.

9.0 Suspension

The Embassy may suspend all or part of the services by giving a notice to Consultant and consultant shall immediately make arrangement to stop the services and shall not make any further expenditure from his end. On suspension of the Consultant's appointment, the Consultant shall be entitled to fees for all completed stages of work at that time. On the resumption of suspended service within six months, previous payments shall be regarded solely as payments on account towards the fees.

10.0 Termination

If the Consultant is without good reasons, not discharging his obligation, the Embassy may inform the Consultant by notice, stating the grounds for the notice. If a satisfactory response is not received within 21 days, the Embassy may by a further notice, terminate the agreement provided that further notice is given within 35 days of the Embassy's former notice. In the event of termination of the agreement by the Embassy, the Consultant shall have no claim to compensation for any loss sustained by reasons entered into any engagement or made any advance on account or with a view to perform the consultancy work. The Consultant shall not be entitled to be paid any sum for any work thereof or actually performed under this agreement unless or until the Embassy is satisfied with the performance of such work and the value payable in respect thereof and the Consultant shall only be entitled to be paid the value so certified by the Embassy.

11.0 Arbitration

If any dispute, difference or question at any time arises between the Embassy and the Consultant in respect of the agreement signed which cannot be settled mutually or in case of termination as described in clause 12, shall be referred to arbitration. The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in accordance with and be subject to the UNCITRAL (United Nations commission on International Trade Laws) Arbitration Rules, as amended from time to time and the decision of the arbitrators as mentioned above shall be final and binding on the parties. The Arbitration will have its sittings at Washington DC.

12.0 Remedies

The Consultant shall agree to re-design at his cost any portion of his engineering and design work, which due to his failure to use a reasonable degree of design skill proves defective within one year from the date of start of regular use of the portion of the work so affected. The Embassy shall grant right to access to the Consultant to those portions of the work claimed be defective, for inspection.

13.0 Bidding Process and Time Line

The following would be the time line for appointment of the Consultant:

(a) Last date for receipt of bidder's questions would be June 12, 2015. (answers to the questions will be posted on the website of the Embassy)

(b) Deadline for submission of bid (i.e. RFP closing date): 15:00 hrs on July 6, 2015

(c) Opening of technical bid: 1600 hrs on July 6, 2015

14.0 Selection Criteria

The selection process of the consultant would be based on weighted-average criteria of both the technical and financial bids in the ratio of 75:25. The Technical evaluation will be based on:

(a) Economy of concept design and space utilization conforming to the indicated requirements: 50 marks

(c) Experience in handling projects of this nature as brought out in para 1.0 (b) and (c) above: 30 marks

(d) Previous experience of Interiors of Heritage buildings for re-adaptive uses as offices premises for foreign entities/governments: 20 marks

All bids are to be accompanied by a refundable Earnest Money Deposit of USD 1000 payable through a check drawn in favour of the Embassy of India, Washington DC. This would be refunded within 5 days of the opening of the financial bids.

The bids (technical and financial bids) in separate envelopes should be addressed and submitted to the Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, 2107, Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20008 before the deadline.

For clarifications, if any, please contact:

Mr. .Satish Kumar Sivan
Head of Chancery, Embassy of India
2107, Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC
Phone No:+1 202 939 7025