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Make In India

1. Government of India has launched the "Make in India" campaign on 25th September, 2014. Make in India is a major national program designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. An Investor Facilitation Cell (IFC) has been created within "Make in India" to offer hand-holding services through the pre-investment phase, execution and after-care phases. The IFC has been created at Invest India, the national investment promotion and facilitation agency of India. The responsibilities of IFC include:-

  • Providing all information/data analysis to investors across all sectors
  • Follow up information/approvals from all departments/agencies of government on behalf of the investors and the investing community
  • Receiving investors and providing them facilitation, handholding escort service from the point of arrival to point of departure
  • Interacting with all states in a Hub & Spoke model and feeding the investors with the state policies relating to land/labour/capital and investment
  • Maintaining a vibrant web portal with all the policies and incentives of the state governments
  • Fixing meetings/appointments of the investors with different departments and agencies of the government

2. The cell handles all the queries at the first level of engagement and takes assistance from designated officers from department/state government for specialized help/expertise. The cell responds to queries within 72 hours of receipt. The eight-member cell is headed by Mr. Siddhartha Anand. He can be reached at

3. With a view to disseminate information on the potential for investment in identified sectors, an 'Interactive Portal' has also been designed which gives detailed information on sector opportunities, FAQs, incentives information etc. The investors can also seek guidance on specific issues by posting their queries in the portal which will be promptly responded by experts of "Make in India".