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Ministry of External Affairs Official Spokesperson response to a question on US State Department's Report on trafficking in Persons

New Delhi
June 6, 2006 

Government’s attention has been drawn to the US State Department’s Report on Trafficking in Persons, which has placed India in the Tier 2 Watch List. 

The US has a practice of issuing global reports on a wide variety of subjects, from human rights and religious freedom, to narcotics and trafficking in persons. Such reports are, by their very nature based on US viewpoints and preconceptions. On the subject of trafficking in persons, as with other areas, we reject judgmental and prescriptive approach by a foreign Government. 

India and the United States have an ongoing dialogue on the subject of trafficking in persons and other trans-national challenges. These subjects are also discussed in the Global Issues Forum. The approach of the 2006 Report does not reflect the active cooperation on this subject between the two countries. It certainly is not helpful to furthering our dialogue in that regard.