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Ministry of External Affairs Official Spokesperson response to question on IAEA team in Delhi

New Delhi
July 7, 2006 

Question: Apparently, IAEA team is in Delhi for talks with the Ministry of External Affairs. Can you give more details?
Official Spokesperson: I can tell you that, yes, the IAEA team is here and discussions are going on regarding the contours of an India-specific safeguard agreement as has already been indicated in the separation plan submitted to the Parliament.

Question: How many people are there in the IAEA team?
Official Spokesperson: I don’t have the detailed list of the delegation.

Question: Who is leading the Indian delegation?
Official Spokesperson: I will have to check on that. As I told you I don’t have a list of the two delegations.

Question: Are they here for two days?
Official Spokesperson: Yes, 7th and 8th July. Talks are tomorrow ( July 8th )