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India reviews plant quarantine regulations pertaining to import of almonds; measure expected to benefit US almond growers

Washington, DC
July 12, 2006 

The Government of India has reviewed Indian plant quarantine regulations pertaining to the import of almonds. The measure is expected to benefit US almond growers. Exports of almonds from US to India accounted for US$127 million in 2005, an increase of 28.7% over the previous year.

Plant Quarantine Regulations in India required fumigation by methyl Bromide of all almond imports into India. The US Government, on behalf of the exporters of almonds in US, had taken up this matter with the Government of India for allowing fumigation to be done by phosphine rather than Methyl Bromide. ( Meanwhile, during the last two years, export consignments of almonds from US had been allowed entry into India and fumigation was done by Methyl Bromide at the port of arrival.) Following, examination of data submitted by US pertaining to trials carried out with phosphine, the Indian plant quarantine regulations have been reviewed.

The Government of India has notified that with effect from 12th July 2006 imports of almonds into the country will be permitted provided they are fumigated with phosphine at a minimum basis of 40 grams per thousands cubic feet for seven days so as to result in complete mortality of all live stages of quarantine pests i.e. Mediterranean flour moth and Apricot Chalcid and the treatment shall be endorsed on the phytosanitary certification. As is required for all such changes, this decision is subject to any objection filed with the Department of Agriculture till 30 September 2006.