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Statement by MEA Official Spokesperson on the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 regarding Lebanon

New Delhi
August 14, 2006 

Official Spokesperson: A short statement on the UN Security Council resolution on Lebanon. India welcomes the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701 regarding Lebanon which serves to bring about a much needed calming of the situation. It is encouraging that the governments of Lebanon and Israel as well as Hezbollah have accepted it and have agreed to a ceasefire which has come into effect today. We call upon all parties to continue to observe the ceasefire and take advantage of this opportunity to prevent further bloodshed and disruption as well as to take steps to enable urgently needed humanitarian relief to reach the affected parties and the areas, and thereby alleviate the suffering of people of both sides which is a priority task. It is also our hope that the cessation of hostilities will lead to a full and durable ceasefire, a release of prisoners, and urgent steps towards a lasting and comprehensive political solution to the problems between Israel and Lebanon and of the region as a whole.

Question: On the UNSC resolution on Lebanon, is India planning to send more troops to Lebanon?
Official Spokesperson: I see nothing leading to that conclusion.

Thank you.