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Celebration of Independence Day at the Embassy

Washington, DC
August 15, 2006 

The 60th Independence Day of India was celebrated in Washington DC today (August 15, 2006) with Ambassador Ronen Sen hoisting the Indian flag at the Embassy Residence in front of a gathering of around 300 Indians and friends of India.

Following the flag hoisting, the National Anthem was sung and Ambassador Sen read out the President’s address to the nation on the eve of the Independence Day. Eminent artists from India, Shevanthi Sanyal and Rajinder Kachroo gave a scintillating performance of patriotic songs and Ambassador Sen presented awards for academic excellence to 14 school children of the Embassy who have performed well in the last academic year.

The gathering at the Embassy Residence included officers of the Embassy and their families, senior journalists, retired army officers, Indian professionals, community leaders, scholars and friends of India.