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On the response of the Dutch Government to the demarche made by Secretary (West) following the incident involving the detention of twelve Indian nationals

New Delhi
August 26, 2006

The Dutch Ambassador called on Secretary(West) at 1200 hrs today to deliver the response of the Dutch government to the demarche made by Secretary(West) to him yesterday who were on board the North West Airlines Flight NW 42 from Schiphol Airport to Mumbai. 

The Dutch authorities have expressed understanding for the concerns expressed by the Indian government regarding the incident, but have drawn attention to the apparently suspicious behaviour of the 12 Indian passengers, which appeared to require urgent preventive action. They have conveyed that as soon as investigations were completed within one and a half days, the passengers were not only released from detention, but the Dutch authorities facilitated their earliest possible return to India. The Dutch authorities have assured that they do not undertake any racial profiling. They have also reiterated their close and friendly relations with India. 

The Government of India has already expressed its concern over the treatment meted out to its nationals and is relieved that all the 12 passengers are safely back in India and reunited with their families. The Indian mission in The Hague worked closely with the Dutch authorities not only to obtain their early release but also to ensure their safe flight back to Mumbai.