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Statement by MEA Official Spokesperson on India-US-IAEA meeting on Regional Radiological Security Partnership

New Delhi
February 9, 2005

A joint delegation of representatives from the US Department of Energy and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited India on February 9, 2005 for the first India-US-IAEA trilateral meeting on the Regional Radiological Security Partnership (RRSP) programme. 

The US and the IAEA representatives welcomed India’s participation in the RRSP programme as a Regional Partner and discussions were held to work out the modalities of this cooperation. The three sides acknowledged their shared objective of enhancing globally the security of dangerous radioactive sources. The US and the IAEA delegates expressed appreciation for India’s offer of providing infrastructure and expertise on a regular basis for conducting international training courses in India under the aegis of the IAEA on issues related to the security of radiological sources and materials as also for locating orphan radioactive sources in countries which are unable to effectively deal with them and which seek assistance form the IAEA. The three sides agreed to continue further discussions on the subject.