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Joint Statement concerning cooperation among Federative Republic of Brazil, Federal Republic of Germany, India and Japan on United Nations Reform

June 22, 2005

1. Minister of External Affairs of the Federative Republic of Brazil Celso Amorim, Vice Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic for Germany Joschka Fischer, External Affairs Minister of India Natwar Singh and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Machimura Nobutaka shared an urgent need to strengthen the United Nations in order to effectively address today’s challenges, and the need for comprehensive U.N. reform, including development, security and human rights. They reiterated their resolve to further cooperate to make the Summit meeting on the Millennium Declaration in September a great success, with substantial achievement in various fields.

2. They reiterated the view that the Security Council must be reformed to represent today’s global realities, not the world of 60 years ago. To this end, the Security Council must be expanded in both permanent and non permanent categories, on the basis equitable representation, with the inclusion of both developed and developing countries. In line with the recommendation of Secretary General who had urged Member States to take a decision on the important issue of Security Council reform before September 2005, they expressed their resolve to introduce the text of the framework resolution, leading to its adoption by the General Assembly after AU and Caricom Summit meetings in July.