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India Sends Relief Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Washington, DC
September 9, 2005  

An Indian Air Force aircraft will arrive at Little Rock Air Force Base in the southern United States in the evening of September 12, 2005 carrying 20.5 tons of relief supplies for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The blankets, sheets, personal hygiene kits and tarpaulins aboard the flight are priority items required by the US Administration in the rescue and relief effort.

20 Indian naval divers and experienced salvage experts are expected to arrive later next week to help US authorities with relief operations in the affected areas. 

On September 8, Ambassador of India, Mr. Ronen Sen handed over a check of US Dollars 5 million to the American Red Cross as a token of the sympathy, support and solidarity of the Government and people of India for the people affected by this terrible natural calamity. 

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster, the Prime Minister and President of India had sent letters of sympathy and support to President Bush offering assistance in tackling the emergent situation. India has now followed up on its commitments.