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India - U.S. High Technology Cooperation

February 5, 2003
Washington D.C.

Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal and the U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce Kenneth Juster met in Washington D.C. on 4th February and agreed on the principles that would govern India-US bilateral high technology commerce, including trade in “dual use” goods and technologies. It represents a significant step in expanding the strategic content of the relationship.

The two sides agreed to take steps to promote and facilitate such trade by addressing systemic barriers to such trade; generating market awareness; undertaking promotional activities; conducting industry outreach programs; reviewing policies and processes on export of “dual use” goods and technologies to India; and, pursuing export control cooperation. 

The US Government appreciated the importance that the Government of India attaches to the widest possible access to US “dual-use” goods and technologies and to efficiency, continuity, stability, and transparency in the export licence application process. The US Government would review the policies and processes for certain category of goods and the two sides would work out arrangements for authorized transfers of goods and technologies, controlled for nuclear proliferation and missile technology, for civilian applications in India.

The two governments, in cooperation with the private sector, will also conduct special outreach activities to make government officials and private entities in India and the United States aware about the policies, regulations and opportunities for “dual use” trade with India.

The principles also acknowledge importance that the US Government attaches to a supportive regulatory and institutional environment in India for robust bilateral high technology commerce. The two sides also envisage a series of promotional activities to advance high technology commerce in the broadest sense.

The bilateral High Technology Cooperation Group, the first such group that the United States has with any country, will hold consultations and initiate a programme of activities to implement the principles.

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