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Statement by Ministry of External Affairs on the recent killings of innocent civilians in Jammu & Kashmir

New Delhi
March 26, 2003

We have already strongly condemned the senseless and brutal killing of a large number of innocent men, women and children in Nadimarg on the night of March 23, which is the National Day of Pakistan.

No cause, no religion, no ideology, no so-called struggle justifies such inhuman acts.

Those involved in such massacres are criminals and mercenaries motivated by the lowliest impulses and performing their murderous deeds at the behest of others.

The pattern, methodology and the nature of targets of these acts of terror are all too familiar and therefore the culpability of Pakistan is all too clear.

The global war against terrorism can only be won when it is pursued without double standards and terrorism is eradicated wherever it exists, without being influenced by short term political and other considerations.

The combat against international terrorism is ill-served if threats in some cases are met with military means and in others with calls for restraint and dialogue. The clarity of the commitment of the international community to combat terrorism requires a coherent and principled approach.

The epicentre of international terrorism that exists in our neighbourhood, and the infrastructure of support and sponsorship of cross-border terrorism must be completely dismantled.

We are determined to face this challenge with strength, determination and resolve.

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