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India - U.S. Security and Non-Proliferation Dialogue

September 24, 2002
New Delhi

An Indo-US Security and Non-Proliferation Dialogue was held in New Delhi from September 23-24, 2002. The US side was led by Assistant Secretary of State for Non-Proliferation Mr. John Wolf and the Indian side by Joint Secretary, Disarmament & International Security Affairs, MEA Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma. Mr. John Wolf also called on Deputy National Security Advisor Shri Satish Chandra and Defense Secretary Shri Subir Dutta, and interacted with representatives of non-official strategic community and the industry in Delhi. The visit comes in the wake of the very successful meeting held recently between PM and President Bush in New York.

The parameters of the current dialogue reflect the determination by PM Vajpayee and President Bush to qualitatively transform Indo-US bilateral relations. The two countries share an interest in fighting terrorism and in creating a strategically stable Asia. They discussed the many areas where the relationship is moving forward and agreed to continue discussions on all outstanding non-proliferation differences. Both sides agreed, however, that the metric of Indo-US relations will not be defined by these differences and both remain committed to explore and open avenues for further cooperation, within the framework of the New Strategic Framework dialogue.

The US expressed its readiness to work with India to broaden relations in civilian space cooperation. The two sides also exchanged views on civil nuclear cooperation. To this end, the two sides identified proposals which could be operationalized in the near term.

Both sides also reaffirmed their commitment to ongoing cooperation in the field of export controls for dual-use items, materials and technologies. India is committed to non-proliferation, and vigorously enforcing stringent export controls on its indigenously developed know-how and technologies. The two sides will explore ways to expand and facilitate high-technology trade during the visit of the US Under Secretary for Commerce Mr. Kenneth Juster in November 2002.

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