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Press Release issued by Ministry of External Affairs on Prime Minister's trip to New York

September 14, 2001
New Delhi

The Prime Minister was scheduled to visit New York to address the United Nations.  The terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001, have led to a review of the situation.  We do not wish to add to the enormous strain on the US authorities by added demands on security when their energies are fully devoted towards search and rescue operations.

This terrorist carnage against the United States calls for a coordinated global response, particularly from countries like India who have also been its victims.  In view of this, the Prime Minster has decided that it is necessary for him to remain in India under the circumstances.

The Prime Minister was also scheduled to visit Cyprus and Tunisia as part of this programme.  Fresh dates for bilateral visits to Cyprus and Tunisia are being worked our through diplomatic channels. We are confident that our friends in Cyprus and Tunisia would show appreciation and understanding for our decision.