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Ambassador Mansingh meets with Congressional Black Caucus

December 12, 2001
Washington, DC

Ambassador Lalit Mansingh attended the monthly meeting of Congressional Black Caucus today at the request of the Black Caucus.

Speaking at the meeting, the Ambassador said that India is proud of its long association with Africa and civil rights movements in the United States. Highlighting the growing achievements of the Indian American community, Ambassador Mansingh called for greater coordination between Indian Americans and African American communities in the US.

Drawing members attention to expanding India-US relations and the need to further strengthen and broaden this relationship, the Ambassador expressed his willingness to exchange views with the Black Caucus on all issues of concern on a regular basis. Ambassador Mansingh also offered that the Embassy of India could organize an event in association with the Black Caucus during the Black History Month in February, 2002.

The Chairperson and members of the Black Caucus appreciated the interaction with the Ambassador and the Caucus thanked India for all help and cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The Ambassador’s invitation for a delegation of Black Caucus to visit India was accepted.