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Press Release on abduction of an Indian High Commission official in Islamabad by Pakistan

High Commission of India

January 16, 2000. 

Mr. P. Moses, a staff member of this Mission was presented at the 9 PM Pakistan Television News bulletin today and unfounded and baseless allegations were made against him. He has been abducted and continues to be held in illegal custody by Government of Pakistan while he was on his way in a taxi cab to Fatima Church in Sector F-8, Islamabad. It was amply clear that he has been made to make false statements under extreme duress on the TV as several injuries indicating physical assault and torture were visible on his face. 

2. The High Commission of India rejects the allegations made against Mr. P. Moses as unfounded and totally baseless. The High Commission strongly condemns such despicable acts. It needs to be pointed out that the treatment meted out to Mr. Moses is in gross violation of all norms and conventions of diplomatic interaction, provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 and Code of Conduct for Treatment of Diplomatic personnel in India and Pakistan signed by the two countries in August 1992. However, the Government of Pakistan has not considered it necessary even to inform the High Commission of India any details about the illegal detention of a bonafide employee of the High Commission. Even the local police have refused to register a First Information Report on the case. 

3. The High Commission of India has lodged a strong protest at this action of the Government of Pakistan and has called upon it to take urgent steps for the immediate release and safe return of Mr. Moses. The High Commission has reiterated to the Government of Pakistan that it is the responsibility of the latter to ensure the safety and security of all personnel in this High Commission. The Government of Pakistan has also been held fully responsible for any injury - physical or otherwise - to Mr. Moses during his illegal detention.