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Press Release on the violation of Line of Control by Pakistani Forces

February 29, 2000
New Delhi

The Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs this afternoon and a strong protest was lodged with him at an incident of violation of the Line of Control west of Naushera by Pakistani forces on 27 February 2000, in which seven Indian soldiers were killed and one soldier is still missing. The Deputy High commissioner was asked to convey to the authorities in Pakistan the need to desist from such violations and to respect at all times the Line of Control established under the Simla Agreement. 

The Government of India has noted that in the wake of the military reverses suffered by Pakistan following its armed intrusion and aggression in Kargil in 1999, the Pakistani forces have intensified their violations of the Line of Control, including unprovoked firing and the promotion of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir. We have also noted the increasingly strident statements made by Pakistani leaders, which provide active encouragement and support to terrorist organizations operating from Pakistani territory. 

Pakistan's activities and statements are clearly intended with the cynical purpose of attracting international attention. The Government of India remains firm in its resolve to combat all violations of the Line of Control, including cross border terrorism and to preserve and maintain the security and territorial integrity of the country.