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Ambassador Naresh Chandra's message on India's National Technology Day

Washington DC
May 11, 2000

Today is India’s National Technology Day, an occasion to recall the achievements of India in the field of science and technology and to acknowledge the partnership that has existed between the scientific communities of India and the United States.

The last five decades have witnessed tremendous strides in all fields of science and technology development in India. The introduction of high-yielding varieties, fertilizers, chemicals and mechanization in agriculture led to the ‘green revolution’, which transformed India from a food deficit country to a food exporting nation. Our vast network of biotechnology institutions are focusing attention on the frontiers of modern science. Our comprehensive range of skills and expertise on the cutting edge of science makes us one of seven nations worldwide with satellite launch capabilities. Our installed electricity generation capacity has increased from 1300 MW in 1947 to over 90000 MW today. India has one of the world’s largest programs of renewable energy with a capacity of more than 1300 MW from renewable sources. Our health and nutrition standards have improved dramatically. Our remarkable success in IT industry has received global recognition.

India today has the technological, institutional, and manpower strengths to tap the full potential of the coming age. It has a vibrant industry, a resurgent market and a well-established extension system to spread the benefits of emerging technologies. In meeting these challenges, we welcome S & T cooperation with US scientists and organizations.

During President Clinton’s recent visit, India and the US signed a Science and Technology Forum Agreement with the intent to facilitate and promote Indo-US interaction between government, academia, and industry in science and technology. The Forum will promote research and development, the transfer of technology, the creation of a comprehensive electronic reference source for Indo-US science and technology cooperation, and the electronic exchange and dissemination of information on Indo-US science and technology cooperation. The Forum will commission studies, reports and papers and would assist in facilitating and promoting joint collaboration of projects.

I invite US scientists, with many Indian Americans among them, to intensify their interaction with their Indian counterparts in pursuit of excellence for the greater good of humanity.