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Indian Science Delegation in Washington, D.C.

Washington DC
May 26, 2000

Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Secretary, Government of India, Scientific & Industrial Research and Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, addressed Washington based science diplomats of different countries at a function organized at the Indian embassy today.

Dr. Mashelkar emphasized India’s tremendous competitive advantages in facing the challenges of the new century which could turn it into a global R&D center. By the year 2015, 55% of India’s population will be under 20 years age giving India a large human resource pool of 600 to 700 million young adults. This would in turn provide a tremendous cost advantage to India’s R&D giving it the highest return on investment in knowledge industries. Dr. Mashelkar also highlighted India’s rich bio-diversity, and the need to use it for the propagation of the 5 Es- Economic Development, Equity, Ethics, Environment and Ecology. In this context, he pointed out the need to integrate and network strongly with other countries including the USA for the greater benefit of all mankind.

Ambassador Naresh Chandra also addressed the delegates on various aspects of Indo - US relations, particularly the agreement setting up the Indo-US Science and Technology forum concluded during President Clinton’s recent visit to India.

The gathering was attended by science diplomats of different countries and representatives of the Office of Science & Technology Policy, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA.