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India urges Israel, Palestinians to save Middle East peace process

October 13, 2000
New Delhi

Since the sudden escalation of tension and consequent violence, authorities in Israel, in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and from other concerned governments have been in regular contact with the government of India.  Prior to these developments both PNA and Israel had repeatedly sought India’s intervention in the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP).

 This continuation, indeed, escalation of violence; deliberate acts of provocation; excessive use of force; wanton killings of innocents including, most sadly, children, desecration and damage to places of worship; taking hostages and retaliation killing of soldiers are all acts that contribute to a chain of event and reaction; such acts contribute directly to a descent into uncontrollable disorder.

 This must cease.  We urge all sides to desist from provocative acts, use of indiscriminate force and encouragement to violence.  Peace and normalcy must immediately be resorted, the MEPP not permitted to collapse irretrievably.

 This is not simply an Israel-Palestine or even a regional issue; it is a matter that concerns all of humanity.