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Bus Service Agreement between India and Pakistan

February 18, 1999

The bilateral Agreement between Governments of India and Pakistan for the regulation of bus service between New Delhi and Lahore and the Protocol relating to its operation were signed in Islamabad on 17.2.99 at 0845 hrs in Islamabad. High Commissioner Shri Pathasarthy and Dr. M. Akrarn Sheikh, Secretary, Ministry of Communications the agreement on behalf of Governments of India and Pakistan respectively.

The above Agreement would enter into force on February 17, 1999 and shall remain valid for a period of five years. The validity of this Agreement can be renewed for further periods of five years, at a time by mutual consent with such modifications as may be considered necessary. Provisions exist in the Agreement for periodic consultations between the two countries to redress such problems as may be encountered during the course of its implementation.

The Protocol referred to above includes operational details. The bus service would be managed by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) for Pakistan and Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) for India. PTDC and DTC would also act as ticketing agents of each other in their respective territories. The frequency of the service envisaged as four times a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday simultaneously originating from both destinations - New Delhi and Lahore. The fare mentioned in the Protocol is Rs. 800 per passenger in Indian currency for the journey between New Delhi and Lahore and Rs. 950 per passenger in Pakistani currency for the journey between Lahore and New Delhi.