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Deputy Chief of Mission receives Christian representatives

March 12, 1999

A delegation of about 100 representatives of National Association of Christians in USA met the Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan at the Embassy today to express concern over the recent incidents of attack against Christians in India. In the absence of the Ambassador, Mr. Sreenivasan received a memorandum from them and also answered questions. He assured them that the Government of India had done everything possible not only to punish those who were guilty of attacks against Christians but also to prevent such incidents in the future. He noted that no new incidents had taken place since the end of January 1999 and that communal harmony was being restored in the affected areas.

The representatives of the Christian group expressed appreciation for the assurances given and for the cordiality with which they were received by the Embassy. As a mark of their solidarity with the people and the Government of India, they joined the Embassy officials in singing the Indian National Anthem.