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Press Statement issued in New Delhi on NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia

March 25, 1999

The Government of India expresses its serious concern over NATO air strikes on the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Such unilateral moves, even if taken as regional initiatives, but without due authorization of the United Nations Security Council, seriously undermine the authority of the entire United Nations System. The Government holds that the air strikes are in violation of the UN Charter, also that they amount to interfering in the internal affairs of a country.

The present crisis in Kosovo can only be resolved through peaceful means and a solution found within the framework of the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Government of India also expresses its concern about the possibility of the conflict spreading. Besides, this demonstration of NATO's extra territorial engagement is a development that can only cause anxiety.

We would urge that all military actions be brought to a halt; that peace be given a chance; and that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a fellow member of the Non-Aligned, be enabled to resolve its internal issues internally.