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Press Release - Defence Minister's Briefing

May 27,  1999
New Delhi

The IAF today has launched further air attacks against those who have transgressed into Indian territory. These are a continuation of the attacks which started yesterday and are in the general area within the Dras-Kargil-Batalik Sector.

The attack carried out yesterday achieved considerable success. IAF pilots did a meticulous and professional job despite operating in an inhospitable environment. All the attacks were in close coordination with the army units in the area and observed by our own ground forces. The air attacks have been categorised as successful and effective. The targets consisted of tented accommodation, logistic stores and suspected hides for the infiltrators. All our aircraft returned safely and without any damage whatever. Post strike recce missions have confirmed the visual assessment.

In this regard it is clarified that in the operations carried out yesterday, there was no possibility of any of our aircraft going anywhere near the line of control and, since no bombs were used, there is absolutely no chance of any bombs having dropped in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Pakistani allegations in this regard are absolutely baseless.

In this context, may I ask you to recall the accuracy and precision of IAF weapon delivery at the Pokharan firing range in March '99, which some of you may have witnessed either in person or on the live coverage provided by Doordarshan.

As I stated earlier, the Indian armed forces are firm in their resolve to vacate our territory of the aggressors and will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve the objective.