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Press Statement by MEA's Spokesman on Kargil situation

May 27,  1999
New Delhi

Our Acting High Commissioner in Islamabad has categorically rejected the "protest" and the untenable allegations made this evening by an official of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry. It was pointed out to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry that there has been no violation whatsoever of the LoC by India. Our aircraft were flying on our side of the LoC. The spokesman of our Ministry of Defence has already provided all the facts Pakistan's action is hostile and provocative, and represents an escalation. In this context, it is we who lodge a strong protest.

It is shameless of Pakistan to speak of violation of the Simla Agreement, considering that Pakistan has been systematically flouting the Simla Agreement all these years, through its continuous and active sponsorship of cross-border terrorism and artillery shelling and vicious propoganda. Now, this has been seriously compounded by Pakistan's pushing across the LoC in the Kargil Sector, of a large number of armed intruders, fully supported by the Pakistan armed forces. These intrusions are qualitatively different from the earlier ones. As made clear in our statement of May 21, and by our Prime Minister in his talk with his Pakistan counterpart, such activity is totally unacceptable. All necessary action will be taken by our armed forces to put an end to this intrusion. We are resolute in our determination to complete this task. Pakistan will be responsible for any escalation. Pakistan should realise that such foolhardy ventures against India cannot succeed. Regarding the reference to the DGMO's conversation, we are waiting for the Pakistan DGMO to respond to suggestions made by his Indian counterpart.

The present situation has been created entirely because of Pakistan's provocative activities. It is Pakistan which needs to exercise restraint. We remain committed to the Lahore Declaration. Pakistan must realise that there cannot be stable relations in the face of its provocations.