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Press Release on Pakistan Foreign Minister's statement on LOC

June 04, 1999
New Delhi

We have seen the reported comments of Pakistan Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz regarding the Line of Control in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. These comments confirm Pakistan's intention to justify its armed intrusion and aggression, thereby seeking to alter the well-defined Line of Control.

Pakistan Foreign Minister's suggestion is untenable. It represents an irresponsible and dubious doctrine which, undermines established principles and can have extremely dangerous repercussions on the maintenance of peace and security. India has scrupulously respected the Line of Control despite the continued forcible and illegal occupation of a large part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir which, in its entirety, is an integral part of India.

The delineation of the Line of Control: throughout its entire length, was undertaken by the military authorities of India and Pakistan in accordance with paragraph 4 (ii) of the Simla Agreement. The Government of India and the Government of Pakistan gave their approval to the delineation on 11th December, 1972. Adjustments of ground positions to conform to the Line of Control, were also completed subsequently.

Neither the disposition of ground forces nor of control of territory flowing from the delineation of the Line of Control has ever been questioned by either country and the interpretation of the Line of Control has never been an issue. It is significant that such fundamental issues are being raised in the wake of Pakistan's armed intrusion and aggression in the Kargil sector. The comments of the Pakistan Foreign Minister are, evidently a demonstration of their designs to manufacture a rationale for aggression and to gain for it an ex-post facto respectability. This is a futile effort to obfuscate and to divert attention from the central issue which is Pakistan's armed intrusion and aggression.

The Line of Control is well-defined and fully settled, We would like to make it clear that the comments relating to the Line of Control made by Pakistan Foreign Minister cannot be the subject for discussion. We call upon Pakistan to respect the sanctity of the Line of Control, give up its desperate and foolhardy attempts to change it, and to stop its cross-border terrorism against India. A meaningful dialogue can only take place if Pakistan begins to act accordingly.

We reiterate that we are firmly resolved to evict Pakistan's armed intrusion and to repel the aggression launched against us