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Press Release on the visit of US delegation

June 27, 1999
New Delhi

We had announced a few days ago that we had accepted with appreciation the offer of the US government to brief us about the discussions held by a senior US military delegation with the Pakistani leadership. Pursuant to this understanding, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Gibson Lanpher, who was part of the US delegation in Pakistan, held talks in New Delhi today with officials of the Ministry of External Affairs. Mr. Lanpher also called on the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister.

The Indian and US delegations held talks for about two hours. Mr. Lanpher briefed the Indian side about the discussions held by General Zinni in Islamabad.

It is imperative that Pakistan heed the advice of the international community and take immediate steps to withdraw the armed intruders from the Indian side of the Line of Control and ensure that such violations do not recur in the future. Once the armed intruders are withdrawn, it is possible to take steps to resume the composite dialogue process that responds to the wishes of the people of both India and Pakistan to live in peace and amity.