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Press Release about calls from Pakistan for a "dialogue"

July 04, 1999
New Delhi

We must not loose sight of the basic fact that Pakistan has committed armed intrusion and aggression against India, violating the Line of Control in the Kargil sector and breaching the Simla Agreement as well as bilateral trust. The whole world has recognised this and has emphasized that in order to end the present tension and conflict, Pakistan must end its aggressive activity, withdraw its forces and fully restore the status quo ante on the LoC.

Pakistan Government's call for "dialogue" is a blatant attempt to obscure, conceal, and divert attention from these facts, and to buy time. This is another instance of sophistry in keeping with Pakistan's longstanding deception and propaganda, passing itself off as "reasonable" and peace loving while in fact it is responsible for deliberate, planned aggression. It is clear that what is required is not "dialogue" but complete withdrawal of Pakistan's aggression and return to the status quo ante on the LoC.

There is not the slightest sign on the ground that Pakistan authorities are taking the necessary steps for this purpose. While our action for evicting the armed intrusion and aggression is progressing steadily, Pakistan is desperately attempting to hold on to residual areas on our side of the LoC still under their occupation. Pakistan is continuing what is a full-fledged military operation, involving the Pakistan army as well as terrorists and extremists under Pakistan's management and control. They are also continuing to replenish their forces with logistical support, provided from supply bases and communication routes from across the LoC.

In this situation, our military action will continue with full force until the aggressors are cleared from our side of LoC and status quo ante fully restored. Pakistan must fully accept its responsibility and recognise the futility of its misadventure. It must pull back its regulars and mercenaries without delay and fully restore the status quo ante on the LoC. Until it does so, our military action will continue with full force.