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On the letter from the US President to the Indian Prime Minister

August 19, 1999
New Delhi

The Prime Minister has received a letter from the President of the USA. This is part of a regular correspondence between the Prime Minister and President Clinton. A reply will be sent shortly.

The focus of the correspondence has been on strengthening Indo-US relations and on acquiring a better understanding of each other's perspectives. Both leaders have expressed the hope that bilateral relations will be raised to a qualitatively new level.

In the course of this correspondence, as well as during the broader dialogue that we have with the USA, both sides have clarified their medium-term policies and their approach to issues of common concern. These have included bilateral relations, including the projected visit of President Clinton, and the removal of the hurdles in the way of a more dynamic economic relationship. Our discussions have also addressed questions related to the global nuclear architecture, as well as terrorism, of which India has been a victim for close to two decades. We look forward to establishing closer understanding with the USA on these and other issues.

India is a responsible country and acts accordingly.