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Press Release on Pakistan's refusal to accept prisoners of war

August 25, 1999
New Delhi

In response to a question regarding the latest situation on the return of the Prisoners of War belonging to the personnel of the Pakistan army who were captured during the recent armed intrusion and aggression by Pakistan in the Kargil sector of the Line of Control, the Official Spokesman provided the following clarifications:

These Pakistani POWs were part of Pakistani troops who had intruded into the Indian side of the Line of Control in the Kargil sector of Jammu & Kashmir during Pakistan's recent armed intrusion and aggression in this area. They were captured by our troops during the course of our operations to evict the intrusion.

These POW's were not in uniform and nor did they have on their person the customary identifications tags or discs. In spite of this blatant breach of military custom and international convention, India has in a gesture of goodwill, treated them as Prisoners of War and approached the ICRC for their repatriation to Pakistan. These soldiers, who have declared themselves to be soldiers of the Pakistan army, are currently in our custody. Their names and identification as declared by them has been made known. We have made all these available facts and information known to the Pakistan Government.