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Press Release relating to references to India in UNSG's report

September 10, 1999
New Delhi

In response to a question, the official Spokesman said that we have seen the reference, in the UNSG’s Annual Report on the work of the Organization, to fighting across the Line of Control in the Kargil area of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s armed intrusion and aggression across the Line of Control in the Kargil sector was acknowledged by the international community. The international community also recognized and appreciated India’s restraint in responding to this aggression. Pakistan’s armed intrusion was evicted by the valour and skill of our armed forces.

India is committed to the establishment of peaceful and friendly ties with Pakistan. It is for this purpose that the Prime Minister visited Lahore and, at our initiative, the Lahore process was put in place. The Lahore process envisages, as does the Simla Agreement, building trust and confidence, setting up a stable structure of cooperation and addressing all outstanding issues through direct bilateral dialogue. We note the reference to the Lahore process in the UNSG’s Report as well.

India would like to resume the Lahore process and looks forward to Pakistan facilitating the renewal of the composite dialogue between the two countries. The continuation of cross-border terrorism by Pakistan is a breach of the Lahore process. It is also a violation of the Line of Control, whose sanctity and inviolability is fundamental for the maintenance of peace and security. Pakistan’s sponsorship of state terrorism must cease.

India is a responsible member of the international community. Its policies and actions have demonstrated this fact in ample measure; the latest example was witnessed in Kargil. There can and never will be any threat to international peace and security on account of India’s policies or actions.