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External Affairs Minister writes to Russian Foreign Minister on developments in Dagestan

New Delhi
September 13, 1999

Minister for External Affairs has written to the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Igor Ivanov expressing India's utmost concern on the recent developments in the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation. He wrote that the ongoing situation in Dagestan was a manifestation of the problem of international terrorism and extremism.

Over the years, India too has been a victim of terrorism and extremism. The Government and people of India cannot but express themselves in full solidarity with the Government and people of the Russian Federation at this moment of grave concern to them. We strongly condemn any acts which destablise States and the established order therein.

Terrorism needs to be combated decisively. There is today, a growing body of evidence in regard to the origin of these terrorists, their sources of financial and other support and camps in which they have been trained. Such information would assist the international community in dealing with this scourge.

External Affairs Minister added that India fully supported the steps taken by the Government of the Russian Federation in meeting the threats it faced in the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation in the protection of its constitutional order and territorial integrity.