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Guidelines about the Reissuance of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card

It has been noticed that some OCI cardholders were not allowed to board flights to India as the passport numbers on their OCI cards did not match with their current passport numbers and the OCI cards had not been reissued.

To avoid this inconvenience, OCI cardholders are required to note the following guidelines regarding the reissuance of OCI Card:

Up to the Age of 20 – OCI cardholders must get the OCI Card reissued each time their passport is renewed.

Between 21-50 years – Reissuance of OCI Card is not required each time the passport is renewed. It is advisable to carry the old passport along with the current passport and the OCI Card as part of abundant caution, but is not mandatory.

After completion of 50 years of age, OCI Card is required to be reissued mandatorily only once.