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Press Release on India's position on nuclear issues/CTBT

New Delhi
October 14, 1999

India's position on the CTBT was articulated in Prime Minister's address to the UN General Assembly in September 1998.  This position was reiterated by the Prime Minister in Parliament on December 15, 1998, as follows:

"India is now engaged in discussions with our key interlocutors on a range of issues, including the CTBT.  We are prepared to bring these discussions to a successful conclusion, so that the entry into force of the CTBT is not delayed beyond September 1999.  We expect that other countries, as indicated in Article XIV of the CTBT, will also adhere to this Treaty without conditions".

The Prime Minister had also announced a voluntary moratorium on any further underground nuclear explosive tests.  India also has an unwavering commitment to the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction and to universal nuclear disarmament.

The situation regarding ratification of the CTBT as well as the
debate in the US Senate clearly indicates that the CTBT is not a simple uncomplicated issue.  Among other things it requires building a national consensus in the countries concerned, including India.