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Press Release- Repatriation of Remains of the U.S. World War-II Unaccounted-for Personnel

he U.S. Department of Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency (DPAA) conducted field activities in Arunachal Pradesh, India, from November 1 – December 14, 2016, in search of remains of and artifacts associated with the U.S. World War-II unaccounted-for personnel. The DPAA team recovered evidence that was subsequently examined by a Joint Forensic Review Committee comprising both DPAA and Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI) members. On December 07, 2016, the Committee determined that the evidence was possibly correlated to the U.S. WW-II service members unaccounted-for from that region, and recommended the remains and material evidence be transported to a DPAA laboratory for further analysis. In June 2017, DPAA personnel will escort the evidence from Kolkata to the U.S. laboratory in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. for analysis.

This was seventh such humanitarian mission conducted in India. Government of India has extended its full support to all these humanitarian missions.

New Delhi
June 02, 2017