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Press Release on Pak General Musharraf's statement on India - Pak relations

New Delhi
November 02, 1999

In response to a question on General Pervez Musharraf's reported remarks on India-Pakistan relations during his press conference yesterday, the Official Spokesman remarked that without attempting to match any stridency of language there is need to draw attention to India's abiding desire to build a relationship of peace and friendship with Pakistan based on principles. India harbors no enmity towards the people of Pakistan. India has always taken the initiative towards improving relations, as it did again last year by putting in place the composite dialogue process to build confidence and trust, establish a stable structure of cooperation and address all outstanding issues. Prime Minister had sought to reinforce this approach through his historic visit to Lahore in February 1999.

Pakistan's armed intrusion and aggression in Kargil was, of course, a violation of the Line of Control, but more than that it was betrayal of trust. Pakistan must, therefore, facilitate a restoration of trust through actions, abandon its state-sponsored cross-border terrorism against India in Jammu & Kashmir and elsewhere, and it must also cease hostile anti-India propaganda.