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Embassy of India, Washington DC, seeks bids from qualified and experienced professional vendors for providing and maintaining following IT services:

* Microsoft updates and critical patches for 120 workstations, which consist of Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
* Providing and maintaining Antivirus and Antimalware software for 120 workstations
* Providing and maintaining 120 Exchange Mailboxes accessible through MS Outlook, OWA and by smart phones
* Providing and maintaining Two Firewalls, one each at two sites, 2107 Massachusetts Ave NW and 2536 Massachusetts Ave NW
* Maintaining MS Office (2007, 2010, 2013) for 120 stations
* High Speed Internet with download speed of minimum 100 mbps and upload speed of minimum 20 mbps at two sites 2107 Massachusetts Ave NW and 2536 Massachusetts Ave NW
* The contract will be signed for a period of one year. This contact will be extendable further beyond the initial period of one year based on mutual consent and mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Professional vendors with experience in providing these services may send their bids in the following manner:

  1. Technical bids to be submitted in a sealed envelope providing details of company background, ownership, prominent clients with references, and clients to whom comparable service is being provided, and complete contact details.
  2. Financial bids to be submitted in a sealed envelope with details of quoted amount for the assured service, including applicable taxes.
  3. The Technical bid and Financial bid should be sealed by the bidder in separate envelopes duly labeled and both these sealed envelopes are to be put in a bigger envelope which should also be sealed and duly labeled.

Sealed envelopes are to be submitted to Mr. A.K. Berwal, Second Secretary (PIC), Embassy of India, 2107 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 2008, latest by 12:00 Noon on December 22, 2014. The Financial bids of vendors who qualify the Technical bid evaluation will be opened at the Embassy at 3:00 pm on December 23, 2014. Such vendors will be informed on December 22 by e-mail and may be present for opening of the Financial bids.

For any questions e-mail to sspress@indiagov.org