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List of select outcomes from the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to USA

Infrastructure, Economics and Trade

US firms to be lead partners in developing Allahabad, Ajmer and Vishakhapatnam as Smart Cities.

Partnership platform with USAID, business and civil society (such as the Gates Foundation) for Indian municipal, state and Union entities to leverage private capacity for innovation, expertise and technology to upgrade water, sanitation and sewage for 500 Indian cities to facilitate access to clean water and sanitation.

India-US Investment initiative, with a special focus on facilitating FDI, portfolio investment, capital market development and financing of infrastructure.

Infrastructure platform, to facilitate US and Indian firms in expediting infrastructure projects in India.

Manufacturing extension partnership from US National Institute for Standards and Technology for Indian firms, especially MSMEs, to improve capacity in manufacture and standards.

Partnership between RBI, The Fed, and the Office of the Comptroller of Currency in sharing information and regulation of financial institutions.


Strategic issues

President affirmed that India meets Missile Technology Control Regime requirements, and is ready for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers' Group.

Creation of an Inter-Agency Working Group to address all implementation issues to speed up the deployment of US-origin nuclear reactors in India.

Decided to renew the Framework Agreement for India-US defence cooperation for a further ten years.

Forward movement on Defence Trade and Technology Initiative: unique and transformative projects and technologies to be identified by a special task force.

US to cooperate as knowledge partner for India's planned National Defence University

Technology partnership for the Indian Navy

Reaffirmation of support for UNSC Permanent Seat, and to enhance India's voice and vote in international financial institutions

Expansion of trilateral partnerships in Afghanistan and among African partners: new countries, and more extensive items for cooperation. (Agricultural productivity, clean energy, health, women's empowerment and disaster preparedness).



Joint and concerted efforts, including dismantling of safe havens, for terrorist and criminal networks and disrupting financial and tactical support for LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammed, D-Company and the Haqqani nework.

Enhanced cooperation against counterfeit currency; misuse of cyberspace and cooperation including in facilitating investigation of criminal and terrorist activities

Programme to exchange terrorist suspect watch lists and partnership to exchange details of fighters returning from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.

Partnership in IEDs (tactics and technology)

Procuring Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles for Indian Central Paramilitary Forces

Maritime security.


Education and people's benefit

Bringing global standards for skill development in India through nation-wide certification systems and new institutions (skills universities etc) to prepare young Indians for 21st century employment opportunities.

Knowledge Partnership for a new IIT to be set up in India

Global Initiative of Academic Networks: To establish mechanisms to bring upto 1000 teachers a year from the top 100 US universities to teach in Indian central Universities.

Cooperation in the fight against Ebola with joint provision of physical and financial resources

New programme to develop affordable vaccines for dengue, malaria and TB

US partnership in establishing India's new AIIMS-National Cancer Institute

India to provide Tourist Visa on Arrival and E-travel authorization to US visitors.

India to complete formalities to join the Global Entry Programme to facilitate easy entry of Indian nationals to the US.



US $ 1 billion in concessional financing from EXIM of the US and India's Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)

Energy Smart Cities initiative with the US: specific initiative being developed.

Partnership in scaling-up grid integration of renewable energy; expanding space cooling initiative and enhancing energy efficiency of buildings;

Upgradation of India's National Institutes of Wind, Solar and Bio-energy to world standards with US support

Partnering India's efforts to create new energy innovation laboratories.

Formation of a Clean Energy Finance Forum for promoting investment and trade in clean energy projects.


Environment and Forests; Science and Technology

Air Quality Partnership--between Central Pollution Monitoring Board and US Environment Protection Agency

Raising India's national parks to world standard, through a partnership between India's Wildlife Research Institute and the US National Parks Service and other institutions.

India-US partnership on the Digital India initiative, which will include bringing US entities to help rollout digital infrastructure, including e-governance and e-services etc.

Partnership in mega science projects: conclusion of Proton Accelerator Project with Fermilab and Indian membership in the Thirty Meter Telescope consortium. Some of the high technology items for use in these projects will be produced in India

New joint working group on Mars exploration, aimed at partnering on a Mars Mission together.

NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture radar on a joint satellite, to be launched at the end of this decade.

Tech Summit November 2014: huge interest among US firms; tech firms will be present



Invitation to the President to visit India.