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MEA Spokesman's response to the report on transfer of chemical weapons to Iran

August 13, 1998

The Following is the text of a press release issued in New Delhi 

A Press Trust of India report of August 12, 1998 dateline Washington, refers to a report of US Congress Research Service, purportedly an intellectual arm of the US Congress, alleging that according to CIA, Iran obtained the technology for its chemical weapons from China and India. It went on to quote Kenneth Katzman, a specialist in Middle-Eastern affairs, that technology for weapons of mass destruction, other than in the nuclear field, has been given by India to Iran.  It also quotes a Spokesman of the State Department in April 1995 as indicating that there was no evidence to prove that India had a nuclear relationship with Iran. 

Commenting on this, the Spokesman of the Ministry of External Affairs refuted the sum and substance of this report, pointing out that India has very strict control on the export of dual use equipments and technologies.