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US Congress approves the construction of Gandhi Memorial in Washington

October 9, 1998

The US Congress adopted a legislation yesterday approving the construction of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Washington D.C. The legislation, which was necessary since the memorial is sought to be located prominently on federal land in Washington D.C., was passed without dissent in the House of Representatives on September 15 and by unanimous consent in the Senate on October 8. The Bill now awaits the signature of the President of the United States.

The approval by the Congress marks the culmination of the process initiated in a hearing by the National Capital Memorial Commission in June, 1997 which unanimously endorsed the Bill including the recommendation that the memorial be located opposite the Embassy of India. The memorial, with its centerpiece of the Mahatma's statue, will be an abiding tribute to India's contribution of the ideals of freedom, truth and non-violence to the world as symbolised by Mahatma Gandhi.