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Addendum No.2 to RFP

The following may be added to paragraph 6 of the RFP (pdf file):

6 (c)            The Service provider will also be responsible for:

                    (i)       Capturing of biometric data of all visa applicants and will make provision within the Visa Facilitation Centre with requisite space and furniture; and.
                    (ii)      Acquiring technical equipment as specified by the NIC

The Standard Operating Procedure for implementation of Biometrics in IVFRT is as below.

Annexure I


i. Applicant will file the online application for grant of visa and will upload his/her photo.  Initially uploading of photo will not be a mandatory process, however doing so will help applicant in faster and easy processing of the Visa application. The applicant is required to submit signed print out/physical copy of the online filled visa application from along with the requisite supporting documents at Visa Facilitation Centre (VFC)/Indian Mission.  While making the online application, the system would indicate to the applicant (printed on the application) whether he/she need to personally visit the VFC or not for giving biometrics.  The visa applicant generally does not require to visit VFC in case his/her valid biometrics already exists in the IVFRT system.

ii. The concerned official at the VFC counter/Indian Mission will scrutinize the application form (both online filled and print out) as well as the uploaded photo by the applicant.  If the photo has not been uploaded by the applicant, then VFC/Mission will assist the applicant in uploading the photograph.  In case applicant does not have an ePhoto, VFC/Mission will scan the applicant’s photo from the application form and will upload in the VFC system.

iii. Application fee will be accepted by the concerned officials at the VFC counter and fee receipt will be generated along with the acknowledgement (file) number.  Printed fee receipt will be handed-over to the applicant.

iv. Applicant will approach to the Biometric counter in the same premises and will show the cash receipt.  The counter officer will enter the Acknowledgement (file) Number into the system to display applicant name, father’s name, passport number and photograph.  On confirmation of the details from the applicant, the officer will capture the Biometric information (finger print and facial) of the applicant.  System will display red/green message depending upon the Quality Check of the Biometric information.  If required, capturing process will be repeated. After successful completion of the Biometrics capture process, the officer at the VFC/Indian Mission will put a stamp “Biometric Enrolled” on the cash receipt, one for file and the other for the applicant.

v. Applicant will walk away with the acknowledgement slip.

vi. VFC will generate the applicant’s data capture above and after signing on the same digitally, will send it to the Indian Mission along with physical applicant and Passport.  This digital signing shall be carried out by the VFC center Incharge who shall be responsible for the accuracy and security of biometric data captured.  Center Incharge need to share digital signature with Indian Mission as well as Central IVFRT Server for the purpose of signature verification.

Exceptional cases which are to be ignored:

a) Applicants with poor finger prints or no fingers will be an exception and they will be handled without finger prints.  Only facial trait will be capture in such cases.

b) Applicants with less number of fingers will be required to give biometrics only of the existing fingers.

c) Applicants above 70 years of age or below 12 years of age.