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PRESS RELEASE - Ambassador Nirupama Rao meets Senator Marco Rubio

Washington, DC
February 14, 2012

Ambassador Nirupama Rao met Senator Marco Rubio from Florida on February 14, 2012 at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  Senator Rubio is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 

 The discussions mainly focused on India-U.S. relations, which Senator Rubio described as an “extremely important” relationship based on shared values and synergies.  He called India a shining example of democracy in its region and the world, and noted that India was one of the countries that people in America often cited to describe the new world. Ambassador Rao mentioned that India's key priority was to ensure inclusive development and deliver the fruits of economic growth to all its people.  In fulfilling these goals, India also attached great importance to relations with the United States which was an indispensable partner. Senator Rubio said that India’s development was in the interest of the U.S., and noted that there was political commitment on both sides to invest in the relationship. Ambassador Rao briefed  Senator Rubio about recent developments in bilateral cooperation across a wide spectrum of shared endeavors.

 Ambassador Rao and Senator Rubio also discussed the regional situation in South Asia and East Asia. They agreed that the emergence of an open, balanced and inclusive architecture in the Asia-Pacific region was in the interest of both India and the U.S.  Senator Rubio welcomed India’s positive contribution to Afghanistan’s reconstruction and described a strong U.S.-India partnership as an important factor for Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity.  The discussions also briefly touched upon India’s relations with Latin America.

 Senator Rubio invited Ambassador Rao to visit Florida. He also referred to the large Indian American community in that state, which he described as a strong bridge between the United States and India. Ambassador Rao invited Senator Rubio to visit India. The Senator said he looked forward to an early visit.