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India and USA to Enter into Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement

New Delhi
(Press Information Bureau)

The Government of India and USA are in the process of entering into Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) which would eventually lead to mutual acceptance of aeronautical products/parts developed in either countries. Subsequent to completion of all preparatory works, two very important activities towards achieving BASA have been recently completed. These are (a) ‘Technical Assessment’ of DGCA by FAA in eleven defined areas, and (b) a shadow certification project where the DGCA carried out actual work and the FAA reviewed.

In this regard, a six member team of FAA, USA visited DGCA Headquarters, New Delhi to conduct review of DGCA aircraft certification system and carry out the Technical Assessment. The FAA team observed that the DGCA has a very sound aircraft certification system in place commensurate with the rules, regulations, working procedures, etc.

Subsequently, the FAA team carried out review of ‘shadow certification’ project (which is development of 4-seat general aviation liferaft by M/s. Goodrich at Bangalore) for two days. The FAA team was satisfied with the review conducted by them. The DGCA, after complete evaluation of all necessary documents in accordance with regulations, has already awarded Indian Technical Standard Order Authorization (ITSOA) to M/s. Goodrich. Consequent to this, FAA will send a final assessment report to DGCA and process will start on exchange of documents for signing of Executive Agreement.