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MEA Official Spokesperson on charge sheet against David Headley

New Delhi
December 10, 2009

In response to a question on filing of charge sheet in a US court against David Coleman Headley, the Official Spokesperson said,

“Investigation and filing of charge sheet in a US court against David Coleman Headley are important steps in exposing the wider conspiracy behind the Mumbai terrorist attack, and other acts of terrorism, for bringing to justice those responsible for mindless violence against innocent people. 

The information available from the charges filed points to the fact that organizations including LeT, HUJI and Al-Qaeda, having sanctuaries in Pakistan, continue to remain active in plotting new acts of terrorism, targetting India as well as other countries. Applying facile distinctions amongst these organizations can only be counter-productive in the fight against terrorism, which cannot be selective. 

The investigations into the Headley case also highlight the significance of timely, transparent and effective international cooperation for defeating terrorism. 

The FBI team is traveling to Pakistan. We expect Pakistan to follow the leads provided, and unravel the full conspiracy behind the Mumbai terrorist attack and other terrorist plots which continue to emanate from its soil. The onus is on Pakistan to act with unalloyed determination against terrorism, its leadership and ideologues so as to eliminate the space which these elements continue to enjoy in Pakistan, and to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism in its territory.”