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Press Release on G-20 in 2050

Washington, DC
November 20, 2009

Article entitled The G-20 in 2050 carried in the November 2009 issue of International Economic Bulletin of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace projects that between 2009 and 2050, Indian economy is expected to grow at 6.19%. 

The projections indicate that by 2050, India would be one of the three largest economies of the world, the other two being the US and China. 

Of the G-20 countries, it is projected that India would grow most rapidly and that in terms of PPP, Indian economy would be 97% as large that of the US by 2050. 

In dollar GDP, India’s GDP is expected to increase by 16 times from the current $1.1 trillion to $17.8 trillion by 2050.