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India-US Cooperation in the Field of Energy

New Delhi
November 13, 2009
(Press Information Bureau)

Dr. Steven Chu, US Energy Secretary met Union Minister of Power Shri Sushilkumar Shinde today in New Delhi. Both Shri Shinde and Secretary Chu agreed that joint development of new technologies in the field of energy would be of mutual interest. Amongst the areas identified for cooperation are:

· Clean coal technologies

·   Smart grids and

·    Energy efficiency.

They also discussed ways to accelerate the adoption of clean and efficient coal energy technology in India, in view of the large scale growth in infrastructure in India over the next few decades.

The two sides also discussed the possibilities that could be exploited through the availability of cheap storage solutions such as batteries and pump hydro. These could enable decentralised stand-alone grids, based on local resources. Technologies for energy from municipal waste were also identified as an area for mutual benefit.

It was agreed that the two sides would work towards the creation of a joint mechanism to promote research and the development of clean and efficient technologies.