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Press Release on the attack of an Indian diplomatic staff in Islamabad

June 29, 1999
New Delhi

At 7.45 A.M. today, Shri N.R. Doraiswamy, a staff member of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad was pulled out of the staff car of the High Commission from in front of his house by about 10 Pakistani intelligence operatives. The driver of the car and the Security Guard of the Mission, who were also in the car tried to prevent the abduction of Shri Doraiswamy. They were, however, manhandled and pushed aside by the intelligence operatives.

The Pakistan High Commissioner was asked this morning by Shri Nareshwar Dayal, Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs to ensure the immediate and safe return of Shri Doraiswamy, and told that his well being was the responsibility of Pakistan. Shri Doraiswamy was released shortly before noon today. He had been badly beaten and was severely bruised.

The abduction of Shri Doraiswamy was a pre-planned act, in complete violation of the Vienna Convention and the bilateral India-Pakistan Code of Conduct for treatment of diplomatic/consular personnel.

The Government of India has protested to the Government of Pakistan against this brutal act. This is not the first act of physical assault of our Mission personnel. The Government of India demands that Pakistan adheres to the Vienna Convention and the bilateral understandings of the subject of treatment of diplomatic and consular personnel in either country.