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India-US Joint Military Exercise Yudh Abhyas 09

New Delhi
October 12, 2009
(Press Information Bureau)

1. As part of the ongoing Indo-US Defence Cooperation, an Indo-US Joint Exercise YUDH ABHYAS 09 is being conducted at Babina from 12 to 29 Oct 2009, under the aegis of HQ Southern Command. The aim of this exercise to conduct a joint Indo-US training exercise under the framework of agreed joint training programme for sharing useful experience in Peace Keeping operations and humanitarian the disaster relief situations. The scope of the exercise is to conduct Indo – US joint training exercise with CI/CT focus in a semi urban scenario under UNPKO Chapter VII. The following aspects have been incorporated:-

(a) Peace Keeping Operations to include Military Coordination, Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and Rules of Engagement (ROE).

(b) Stability Operations to include mounting and ROE, Mine/Counter IED Operations and Patrolling. 

(c) Human Rights Aspects.

(d) Civil Military Operations to include Road opening, convoy protection and Humanitarian Assistance. 

(e) Community Operations.

(f) Logistics Support Operations to include Equipment issues and Humanitarian Assistance issues.

(g) Share and learn form each others experience through combined Military decision making and planning process, and employment of forces.

(h) Promote mutual trust and understanding through the exchange of tactics, techniques and procedures and associated logistics support.

(j) Exposure high technical based weapons, equipment and systems.

(k) Exercise is planned to be conducted under UN Mandate.

2. Mechanised Infantry Battalion of Indian army and 2nd Squadron of 14 CAV of 25 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Approx strength of 325 persons) from US are participating in this exercise.