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Text of the press release regarding the address by the Prime Minister at the Conference of India's Heads of Missions

New Delhi
August 25, 2009 

PM outlines priorities of global engagement

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, today addressed the Conference of Indian Heads of Missions organized by the Ministry of External Affairs. 

The Prime Minister emphasized the integral link of India's foreign policy with domestic policies particularly economic policy. He noted that the country's foreign policy should be aimed at addressing the challenges of mass poverty, ignorance and disease in the country, which were the primary concern of the Indian state and polity. He stated that despite the global economic slowdown, the Indian economy was still the second fastest growing economy in the world, but all out efforts were needed to put the economy back on a sustained high rate of growth if the challenges of poverty and disease were to be effectively addressed. 

In this context, the Prime Minister identified three pillars of our global engagement -sustaining capital inflows to supplement our investment efforts, the need to take advantage of rapid scientific and technological developments in the world which provide an opportunity for India to leap frog its technological development, and the need to ensure that the country's growth is not constrained by scarcity of natural resources. All these required active engagement by India in all multilateral fora, and in the shaping of the world order, whether in the field of trade, international finance or the international economy. Insularity was not an option, and India should playa role in the international arena in a manner that makes a positive contribution to finding solutions to major global challenges, whether in the field of trade or climate change. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the fact that the India has been a victim of terrorism and it was essential that global terrorism is tackled with full vigour and resolve to ensure the continuing advancement of the country. India has a stake in the prosperity and stability of all our South Asian neighbours. We should strive to engage our neighbours constructively and resolve differences through peaceful means and negotiations.